Asset Management Solutions
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Asset Management Solutions

Once you’ve purchased a trade show display, the questions of storage and maintenance arise.

TradeServices offers a total asset management system, including on-site storage, booth refurbishment and pre and post show staging and inspection.

Our warehouse is centrally located in the Chicago area, in close proximity to McCormick Place & Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

  • Where will your trade show display be stored?
  • How will you get it to the next show?
  • What if something is missing or broken from your last show?
  • Do you have burned out light bulbs?

Our Trade Show Asset Management Program can help you look like a star at your next show because we handle all the details, allowing you the time to focus on your marketing strategy and marketing ROI.  Give us the chance to change your perspective on how to efficiently manage any size trade show schedule.

With our cutting edge technology there will be no more surprises on the trade show floor.  You will be able to preview your display at our warehouse using our staging floor web-cam to see exactly what your exhibit will look like on the show floor.

This recent addition offers you a great solution to stay involved without leaving the comfort of your office.  No travel expenses or wasted days.

Don’t let the upkeep, maintenance and storage of your exhibit become a chore.

TradeServices can take the hassle out of your trade show program and enable you to focus on the event itself.

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